It is with delight that I am inviting you to join us for the Mindfulness in the Outback Retreat. The retreat offers a meeting place between two great journeys-the inner journey of contemplation and reflection and the outer journey of exploration and discovery. Both take courage, patience and resolve. This retreat offers you the unique opportunity to spend seven days travelling both journeys in a well-supported and caring atmosphere.

Each morning, as the sun rises and the land wakes, we mindfully walk the red earth, opening our senses to the rhythm of this ancient continent. Throughout the day we sit or walk in meditation. Teachings, stories and poetry keep the mind company and good, nourishing food keeps the belly happy. Together we will be still and listen to the land, listen to ourselves and open our hearts to the present moment to find balance in its simplicity. We visit places of significance to the people of this area and come together in the evenings to share time around the campfire, just us and a billion stars.

Great journeys require company and support. The presence of other likeminded people as well as the retreat team offers you the peace and pleasure of community. We sit together as the sun sets; we share meals and connect deeply to the land and its history. Let the ‘Movie under the Stars’ in out pop-up ‘cinema’ entertain you and give you joy. If you prefer solitude, times of silence allow you to just be in your own space, supported and nurtured while you move through the day.

I look forward to being with you on this retreat

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