Getting there:

Gundabooka National Park, stretching from the banks of the Darling river to the Gundabooka Range in outback NSW, is nature at its most beautiful and raw.

Gundabooka National Park is close to:

• Bourke (50km)
• Cobar (130km)

Just added:
We are offering a minibus transfer from Sydney to the Retreat and back. The minibus will leave Sydney on Thursday, the day before the Retreat starts at about midday, stop over for the night in Dubbo and arrive at the Retreat on Friday, the first day of the retreat in time for lunch. The return journey will start on the last day of the Retreat, Thursday after lunch, stop over in Dubbo, and arrive back in Sydney on Friday in the early afternoon. More specific details will be available soon.
Each way will be $120pp (excluding accommodation in Dubbo).

From Bourke, the drive will take about 90 minutes. Travel south along the Kidman Way (State Route 87) and look for signs to Gundabooka National Park. From Cobar the drive will take about 2 to 2.5 hours. Travel north along the Kidman Way (State Route 87) and look for signs to Gundabooka National Park.

From Sydney, by car: The journey by car to Gundabooka from Sydney takes about 10-12 hours. Driving from Sydney the most direct route goes via the Great Western Highway through the Blue Mountains to Bathurst, Orange, Wellington and Dubbo. Dubbo is a good place to stay for the night. It’s a tourist destination (Western Plains Zoo) so there is a plentiful supply of different types of accommodation. There are many motels along the main road but it’s busy and noisy, albeit a bit cheaper than other options.
A place (cottage for 4 and unit) we have found to be pleasant is Gortaderra (, about 6km out of town along the Newell Highway. A very new hotel is Quest ( and a couple of B&B’s are Pericoe Retreat (www. and Walls Court ( If you want to explore further options just go to
If you need supplies, Dubbo has all the major shops. After Dubbo there will only be small shops in smaller country towns. From Dubbo you need to take the Mitchell Highway (No. 32) to Cobar. If you travel to Gundabooka NP yourself you can then take the Kidman Way (No. 87) from Cobar towards Bourke.
If you prefer, you can meet us in Cobar at the tourist information on the first day of the Retreat, Friday, at 11am and we will travel together in convoy to Gundabooka.

From Sydney, by train/bus: CountryLink has a train/bus combination to Cobar. For both arrival and departure you need to take the train/bus the day before the retreat starts and the day after the retreat finishes.
For more information and bookings please go to:

For train/bus travellers to get to and from the retreat / Pick up : Pick-up at Cobar Motels will be on first Retreat day, Friday, about 10am.
Drop-off at Cobar will be on the last Retreat day at about 4.30pm. If you take the bus/train back to Sydney you will need to stay the night in Cobar and travel on the day after.

From Sydney, by plane: Brindabella Airlines is the only airline that flies to Cobar from Sydney.
Arrival: We have coordinated pick-up times in Cobar to meet you when you arrive on the first day of the Retreat. (Departure Sydney: 6.45am/ Arrival Cobar: 8.10am)
Departure: You will be transferred to Cobar on the afternoon of the last Retreat day. You will need to spend the night in Cobar (we’ll drop you off at your motel) and then take the plane on the next day. (Departure Cobar: 8.40am/ Arrival Sydney: 10.30 am)
Please see for detailed information and bookings.

Please be sure to book early as the planes are small (20 seaters). It is cheaper also.

If you travel form places other than Sydney please let us know so we can help you plan the trip.

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