What you need to bring:

Dress for the retreat is casual and comfortable. Please remember that we are in the red desert sand, clothing will get dusty. You need to take warm, cool and wet weather clothing. Temperature can be warm during the day (up to 30 degrees Celsius)but quite cool during the night (possibly as low as 5 degrees Celsius)

-Sturdy walking shoes and thongs
-Water bottle (highly recommended)
-Journal and pens
-Hat, sunscreen, insect repellent (no chemicals)
-Earplugs, even if you are not a light sleeper
-A sarong or similar as each room has a window to the verandas which I imagine you'd want to be covered for privacy
-Towels, toiletries
- A mirror (if you need one)
- Fly-net to cover face and head
-Sheet, pillow/pillowslip, blankets/sleeping bag
-If you are camping- all camping gear eg. tent/mats etc.
-Cameras and charging units for your small appliances e.g. camera/video
-Also feel free to bring musical instruments, art supplies and journals
Please leave at home anything that is too strong in fragrance (perfumes...)

Additional Information:

-If you are travelling in your own vehicle but are not intending to meet us at the Visitors Centre in Cobar to travel to the retreat together please let me know so that we won't wait for you
-there is only patchy Telstra Next G phone and internet reception at the retreat, any phonecalls you want to make on a different service need to be done from Cobar
-there is much sand around in the outback ;-), it's quite handy to have some cliplock plastic bags for things
-there is not much water around in the outback, if you like, take some wet tissues
-please bring your yogamat if you have one. We will have some available
-please bring your meditation cushions/stools or order one from Well for Life. We can transport it to the rerteat and back for you. We will have chairs and some stools but no meditation cushions (zafus)
-there are no wardrobes, if you want to hang your clothes you need to bring some hangers
-the mattresses are very basic, if you want to be really comfy please bring additional blankies or as someone suggested -a mattress topper
-Dubbo has lots of shops so if you want to buy stuff this is a good place. Fuel is also cheaper here than further west

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