Meditation Sitting Equipment:

If you can, please bring your own meditation sitting equipment (cushions/stools/zabutons). If you would like to purchase meditation sitting equipment from us please see below for information.

If you prefer to meditate sitting in a chair or lying down we will have chairs and yogamats available We will also have some wooden meditation benches available for your use in sitting practice. Do bring a yoga mat if you can.

If you would like to purchase any sitting equipment from us let us know when you book so we can organise it for you and take it to the retreat. Please see below a list of products that you can purchase from us.

Meditation Cushions (Zafus) from Coma-Toes filled with 100% organic buckwheat:

Zafus from Coma-ToesZafus from Coma-ToesZafus from Coma-Toes

  • Small: $69.00
  • Medium: $89.00
  • Large: $109.00

  • Meditation Mat (Zabuton):

  • $95.00

  • Zafu/Zubaton Package:

  • $150.00
  • Colours Available:
    1. Minty
    2. Chilli Pepper
    3. Ocean
    4. Bronze Buddha
    5. Organic Plum
    6. Organic Olive
    7. Burnt Sienna
    8. Black
    9. Purple
    10. Blueprint

    Meditation Stools from Black Dragon Meditation Products:

    Black Dragon have available three inter-related products:

      1. Meditation Stool

    The Black Dragon meditation stool is ergonomically designed to provide three sitting heights in the one seat. With 38mm high density foam padding on the timber stool, and 12mm high density foam mat under the stool (optional extra) you are assured of very comfortable sitting in either the cross-leg or kneeling position.
    Med. Stool
  • $99.00
    • 2. Meditation Mat

    The kneeling mat fits neatly under your seat adding another level of comfort in either kneeling or cross-leg posture. Made from high density 12mm foam rubber and a velour type finish, it is a practical accessory.
    Med. Stool Mat
  • $20.00
    • 3. Meditation Stool Carry Bag

    The beautiful lined carry bag, available in burgundy or black, is ideal to carry your Black Dragon stool and mat wherever you go.
    Med. Stool Carrier
  • $30.00
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