I loved the opportunity to practice meditation over the week and combined with little trips to the bush- it was a perfect combination. I very much appreciated Sabina’s support for the group as a whole whilst also providing care and attention to each individual. Helene


I loved Sabina’s voice leading us through various styles of deep and relaxing meditations. Loving kindness was evidently in practice at all times. It was delightful to experience the animals, birds, peace and tranquillity. I had a beautiful, serene, open, relaxing experience that I wouldn’t change for anything. I feel better prepared for what lies ahead. Sam


Some of the highlights for me were the morning walk to the base of Gundabooka range, meditating in the river-bed and talking a moonlit walk to the dam. Also, it was fabulous to watch the movie under the stars eating popcorn and chatting with Steve (National Parks guide) around the campfire and hearing about the local people and beliefs. Angela


I love the poems Sabina weaves into her teaching-they always sit so well with me and illustrate a point clearly. Thank you so much for a truly memorable experience. I loved the silent times and morning walks. Julie


With so much loving-kindness present all of us experienced gentleness and caring from all the staff at the outback retreat. The healing red Earth and the meditation practices unfolded a calm and blissful state and much food for the soul. I felt very nurtured. Glennis


Where do I start, what a marvellous week in the outback on so many levels. You and your team certainly outdid yourselves.
I so appreciated your meticulous attention to detail, considering some of the things that made our journey that much more enjoyable, like plunger coffee, an array of herbal and ordinary teas, sparkling water and even lime slices. Your organisation was exemplary, continually reminding us as to what to bring, preparing us for the harsh realities of the outback and managing our expectations with a very thoughtful and well designed website that was easy to navigate. I felt like all my questions had been anticipated long before the trip commenced.
The effort that you and the team had gone to in making our stay comfortable was extraordinary. The rooms, whilst basic were very clean (thank you for your efforts on this one), the beds comfortable and thank god for the air conditioning (I wasn’t expecting this at all). The night lights were a gift. The communal rooms were spacious enough and again had air con which contributed to making our dining more pleasant. The food was outstanding (thank you Karo) and I applaud the creativity, variety, nourishment and presentation that went into making our culinary experience so memorable.
The main focus for me was of course on the meditation component of the journey. I felt that we spent a nice amount of time meditating each day, in different ways, places and at different times varying our practice and giving us an enjoyable taste of both sitting and walking mediation, with both guided imagery and mindfulness practises combined. I appreciated your thought in explaining to us the different types of practice at the beginning and managing our comfort in how to sit and how to make the most out of our practice. You used humour, poetry, and fact in your teaching, you encouraged reflection and discussion, helping make meaning out of what we were doing and learning. You consistently allowed the journey to unfold bringing us back our geographical landscape and its importance and relevance to our practice. The silence was another gift that allowed me to enter into a really different space, allowing me to reflect, meditate and indulge …things I do not capitalise on in my busy city life.
I loved the campfire talks especially the ones with Steve and Joe, learning about the history of our campsite, the flora and fauna and the national park that surrounded us. The excursions were filled with beauty, adventure and historical significance. Even our “bogged” down day at the beginning of the trip, allowed us time to savour what was important, bonding us together, and reminding me of how lucky we were in having each other, banana bread, ample water, a satellite phone and cool shade under a beautiful old iron bark tree. One of the highlights for me was the movie night out in the desert, eating popcorn and drinking rosehip tea under the sky full of stars, a moment I will never forget!
The obvious companionship and comeraderie that existed between you and your team was pivotal to the success of this trip. You all had beautiful energies, plus commitment to making the trip such a success. Karo, with her inspiring take on vegan cooking; Rudiger with his tireless efforts to make us more comfortable, being a jack of all trades and being an A1 driver committed to safety and Sarah whose sense of calm and strength in a crisis allowed her to manage the retreat so well (on top of being a wonderful massage therapist).
You kindly obliged by picking me up from the airport and dropping me there for my return flight to Sydney. Indeed this ride with Rudiger at 6am in the morning gifted us with the most stunning sunrise, one that I will never forget. I did of course greatly appreciate the effort that went into making my 50th birthday so special with chocolate cake and song, my most memorable birthday ever.
Sabina, thank you for being such an inspiring person, making your dream came true helped mine come true too. Thank you for your wisdom shared, peaceful energy and lovely sense of humour. I look forward to attending another one of your retreats in the future. I am happy for my email to be shared with the others.
All up five stars from me! Ross

Thank you for your courageous spirit in bringing us all here and sharing the special time and place.

The food was fabulous. The sunset meditation was great. Having massages available was great also-best massage I have had for ages.

I enjoyed the structure of the week with outings, meditation, meals and silences. A highlight was the group ambience; other highlights included the aboriginal art, the eagles, and the amazing mountainscape. The leaders of the retreat were exceptional and their work made everything seem effortless and relaxed. Thank you.

Thank you for organising this memorable experience. One of the highlights for me was the visit to the aboriginal art site-I have never seen aboriginal art before and was surprised by my personal reaction to it- profound and spiritual.

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