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Meditation Seminars:

Relaxation, Mindfulness based Stillness, Visualisation, Loving-kindness.

Seminar 1: Relaxation: a relaxed body is the foundation for a relaxed mind. Learn how to release tension and discover a place of deep physical calm. Unwinding and letting go.

Seminar 2: Mindfulness based Stillness Meditation: a step-by-step process to become fully aware of and comfortable with the present moment experience. Discovering tranquillity in the midst of a busy life.

Seminar 3: Visualisation: Creative meditation that utilises the power of the mind to generate and enhance a state of deep physical and emotional wellbeing.

Seminar 4: Loving-kindness Meditation: a practice to cultivate friendliness, goodwill and kindness towards ourselves and others. Helpful in dealing more effectively with external stressors.

Each seminar can be attended individually but it is strongly recommended that you attend all 4 seminars. Seminars are open to beginners and more experienced meditators alike.






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