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“If you keep doing the same thing hoping for a different result you know nothing will change.”

It’s a bit like re-watching a movie and hoping or wishing for a different ending. It’s never ever going to happen, is it.  So, how do you do change what you have been doing into something new? That’s what these sessions and seminars are all about. How to re-arrange your subconscious mind in a different way so you can experience a different result.  The results are truly amazing.”

– Graeme Hoyle

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"Get To Sleep Fast Workshop"

Saturday 25th June

9:00am to 11:00am
Boardroom, 239 Magill Rd Maylands
$200 + Fees


Graeme Hoyle is an entertaining professional public speaker.  He began in 1986 and since that time has spent many thousands of hours in front of all types of groups. 

His message explains why things go wrong and how you can make simple changes to have a better life.

Graeme’s goal is to help you to experience a life filled with inner peace,  success  and well-being.   

Whether you are a business owner, committee member, individual or more, these seminars can be tailored to suit your needs. 

Why do I need to attend?

Your life and the experience you are having but may want to change, are two separate things.  Your life is a constant but the experience is something that can change.  What you do is promote the experience you are having in such a way that it continues and because you have not been shown a different way you keep perpetuating what you experience.  So you keep the frustration going. 

If you really want this to stop.  You need to find another way. Whatever you have been doing to help yourself up til now hasn’t worked. There is a different way. You will love these sessions or seminars. You will begin to understand why things are as they are and what you can do about them to make your life better.  Investing is your life is immeasurable and the time to do it, is now.

Seminar Topics

Seminars Topics May Include but are not limited to:

What people are saying about graeme's Alpha Seminar

The Alpha Seminar is of exceptional value. I have found my concentration and present time consciousness have greatly improved. However, the best is my ability to problem solves using the Alpha Techniques.
Dr. Bill Logan DC.
I found it inspirational and that it has helped me to take charge of my life.
Warren Hannaford
Hotel Manager
The Alpha seminar was singularly responsible for changing my life and giving me the mechanisms to move forward confidently.
Liz Travers
State Manager Sportsco S.A.
After the seminar I felt a massive load had been removed from me and my ability to deal with problems that previously seemed insurmountable became easy to handle. My whole life was put back into perspective.
John Harman
Owner Harman Engine Reconditioning
I attended the Alpha seminar in 1988. It’s now the year 2001 and I still use the techniques. It was the best thing I ever did for myself.
Jim Buckoke
Owner Jims Trim
The Alpha Seminar awakened me to the unlimited potential my mind has. I learned techniques to create what I want.
Christy Oppelander
CA Logan Chiropractic Health Care
The Alpha Seminar offers my clients a unique advantage in achieving fitness and personal goals.
Belinda Sykes
Body Synergy Personal Fitness Management.
The Alpha Seminar helped me let go of a lot of built-up stress and after years of insomnia I now sleep like a baby and it's only been two weeks since I learned the sleep technique. I now face the day refreshed and alert.
Tracey Taylor
CA Body Order Clinic
The Alpha Seminar had such an impact on my life, creating incredible changes that many years of “trying” had not achieved!
Anna McIntosh
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