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When you get a good night sleep you feel better, work better and heal faster.

Spending hours trying to get to sleep is a nightmare for many people. Lack of sleep increases the potential for serious health issues, including mental health issues, heart problems, cancer, forgetfulness, weight gain, diabetes and increasing the chance of causing accidents. Worse still, lack of sleep changes your appearance, clarity of the mind and even your libido! We’ve all heard the expression: “get your beauty sleep.” Lack of sleep affects the skin to become more wrinkled, loose and even change colour! There are many reasons to want to sleep well. But what is considered a goodnight’s sleep?

You'll feel the difference a better night's sleep can make through the Mindful Awareness Better Sleep with Hypnosis Program

Getting the right amount of sleep varies from person to person. On average, babies need 18 hours, children 9 -10 hours, teenagers 8 – 10 hours and adults 7 – 9 hours per night. Within this time, we cycle through four stages of sleep. Stage one and stage two are the light sleeping cycle, stage three is a slow-wave sleep, when the body carries out repairs and growth and stage four or rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is when we dream. When we are about to wake, we return to Stages One and Two. Completing this whole cycle ensures we wake fully refreshed.

But falling asleep is the main battle for many of us. Switching off light and electronic devices, isn’t enough. Switching off the mind is a problem for many of us. As we lay in the dark, stressful thoughts of money, relationships, the past, the future and anxiety may keep you awake. What if you could calm these thoughts go to sleep in 5 minutes?

How we can help.

At Mindful Awareness, we have been getting many people to sleep fast by taking attention away from those worrying thoughts to help you relax. Through the power of sleep hypnosis we can help you learn to slow your breath and heart rate to prepare for a good night’s sleep. 

What to expect.

The Sleep Hypnosis technique developed by Graeme Hoyle, will teach you eight steps that will relax you and take your attention away from being awake. As you relax, the program takes you into a special sequence that will put you to sleep.


What people are saying

After years of insomnia I now sleep like a baby and its only been two weeks.
Mrs. T T
My sleep pattern has improved considerably. 
Mr. T F
Before using the technique I would spend a total of 18 minutes trying to get to sleep.  After 14 days of the program I took only a total of 6 minutes to get to sleep.
Mrs. J J
I haven't slept this well for 40 years and it's only been five days.
Mrs. V G
On the second night, I achieved the first full night of unbroken sleep in over 6 months.   This technique is effortless and remarkably effective.
Mr. P K
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