Get to sleep fast

A Workshop To Improve Your Sleeping Habits.

Having issues with your sleep?

Mindful Awareness is here to help you break through the thoughts keeping you from achieving better sleep with hypnosis

Do you ever lie awake trying to get to sleep and when you finally get to sleep it’s time to get up and you feel terrible?

What if you could wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day?

It’s possible to do this, only when you know how.

About the workshop

In this workshop, I will be providing you with 2 hours of training on how to utilise a proven sleeping technique that will get you to sleep in 14 seconds!

I have been developing and optimising this sleeping technique for 30 years and have had the pleasure of improving the sleep of many of my clients.

Once we have finished the training I will also give you a USB that will contain the sleeping technique on it so you can continue to practice the technique at home.

All I ask from you is to bring a pen and paper for notes!

– Graeme

With over 20 years experience Graeme Hoyle of Mindful Awareness is ready to help you quit smoking through hypnosis and hypnotherapy

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Saturday 25th June

9:00am to 11:00am
Boardroom, 239 Magill Rd Maylands
$200 + Fees

100% Money back guarantee!

If you use the technique for 30 days without success

What others have to say

I highly recommend Graeme Hoyle. Through his techniques, I go to sleep within 7 seconds whereas before it would take me half an hour!

Peta Shannon

After years of insomnia I now sleep like a baby and its only been two weeks.

Miss. T T

I haven't slept this well for 40 years and its only been five days.

Mrs. VG

On the second night, I achieved the first full night of unbroken sleep in over 6 months. This technique is effortless and remarkably effective.

Mr. P K
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