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Mindful Awareness is here to help you overcome the barriers keeping you from goals and lose weight with hypnosis

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Healthy Mind, healthy body.

There are many of us who love a nice glass of red wine, a box of chocolates, or cheese. We all know these are fine in moderation. But often life may throw us a few curveballs and we find ourselves craving certain foods to help us get through. We’ve all been there. 

The kilos start piling on without even realising and all of a sudden your physical and mental health is in jeopardy. You start to feel tired, less confident, your clothing size goes up a notch and worse your health decreases with risks of type 2 diabetes, fertility problems, joint pain, coronary heart disease and some cancers.

Changing eating habits can be hard work on your own, especially when you feel like you’re giving up on something that you love. But, through guided hypnosis, radical changes can shift from within so your association with less healthy foods becomes an occasional indulgence. 

Working with us, you will be able to change your inner thoughts and perspectives to make the right choices. You will start to feel more energy and back in control of your lifestyle choices. 

How we can help.

The Virtual Gastric Band is a remarkable weight loss program which was pioneered by Hypnotherapist Sheila Granger in the United Kingdom. 

The Virtual Gastric Band program is not a diet. We all know that diets only work in the short term, and that once the diet is stopped, any weight that was lost whilst on the diet quickly returns.

The Virtual Gastric Band Program uses hypnosis to condition the sub-conscious mind into believing that a band has been placed around the top portion of the stomach in order to create a small stomach pouch thus reducing the amount of food that one needs to eat in order to feel full. And, because it’s not a diet, you won’t feel deprived, miserable or hungry, which are the issues that usually cause diets to fail.

The Virtual Gastric Band provides the benefits of weight loss surgery, but without the risk of an invasive operation, and without the expensive medical costs of a physical operation. There are no lengthy hospital waiting list delays, and no on-going medical treatment.

The Virtual Gastric Band is for people who want to lose weight, but either don’t want or don’t qualify for physical surgery. The Virtual Gastric Band is available at a fraction of the cost of real surgery and has comparable results. It is very safe, has no side effects, does not involve the use of drugs, it is completely painless, and there is no need to take time off from work in order to recover.

What to expect.

The Virtual Gastric Band program is strictly run on a one-to-one basis. These are not group sessions. The 90 minutes sessions are personalised for the individual.

The program will initially take five weekly sessions with two personalised 30 minute hypnotic tracks. These tracks must be listened to daily to receive the full benefit of the program. After completing the five week sessions, regular monthly sessions to maintain your mind training are recommended. 


What people are saying

Graeme is the BEST HYPNOTIST one could ever ask for. I have been and tried many a Hypnotist but Graeme has the ability to bring out the outcome and desired results one hopes for. Of course hard work is needed on one's part. But like Graeme who is so passionate with his work results are seen for definite. I was never skeptical of Hypnotists, but finding a GOOD ONE is very hard as there are lots of Charlatans out there I found Graeme so passionate with his work and a very easy personality and very communicable person. He is the BEST HYPNOTIST I have encountered in my life. I had a lot of challenges to overcome in my Life but with Graeme I just know I am succeeding in all my Goals and Dreams I had desired and put on the back burner to truly succeed in Life and reach One's greatest DESIRES. One needs DREAMS BELIEFS and a GOOD HYPNOTIST. Graeme is the ONE person I would recommend.  Your DREAMS and GOALS are within closer reach than you can imagine. I know so as I have had my Sessions with Graeme My LIFE has changed drastically for the better He truly is a very remarkably gifted HYPNOTIST. THE BEST !!!!! A -ONE-IN- A- MILLION Person he is both as a Person and a Professional Man.
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